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yeahya MS might have finally succeeded to bury that IP.... time to get something starting by one and not thirteen..... something new and refreshing from SE could be nice for once.... one thing for sure it's if they downgrade PS3 version it's not because of the XB... but because they are cheap and don't want to invest more on the PS dev...

the tweak on graphic quality is solvable easily much like the choice you get on a PC depending on your config and it doesn't affect the rest of the game.... audio compressed audio canbe used on XB and i defy more than 10% of the readers to have at the same time the equipment and the ears to pinpoint an ounce of difference.... and about cut scene and free roaming same thing PS3 shouldn't be concerned and XB should just have to switch DVDs....

in other words there isn't a single valid reason to downgrade anything between PS and XB beside saving cost... and that's in no way the fault of XB but SE and Sony... SE for being cheap on PS owners and Sony on not making the console cost efficient.... how does it feel to be let down :D

*proud owner of a 360*

PS1: this is utter fanboy provocation on purpose, so feel free to catch the bandwagon :P
PS2: I'm flame proof lol :P