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leo-j said:

Selnor you have to be joking, you used a low quality ign video and compared it to a high quality G4 video... on youtube

Man come on. This is a rediculous thread. One pic comes from a DVD released, which is proven to be from 2006 now and everyone forgets completely that at E3 whether it was IGN or Gamespot, Gametrailers or Gamersyde they all said the 360 version looked identical to the PS3 version. Seriously, people here forget what they want to. The fact that dual languages etc aren't appearing on PS3 is nothing to do with the 360 version. It's lazy SE that we have to blame for that. People need to move on. We have multiple confirmations on the graphics side that 360 version is the same. You only have to look at any E3 M$ coverage from any site to know that.

Jeez people.