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NOW i understand why every PS3 fanboy saying that VersusXII will be the mother and father of god without seeing more than 3 sec of FMV in 20 different trailers showing absolutely nothing.

The reason is, because it's a PS3 exclusive.

Before the multiplatfor announcement, the only two people I know who were looking forward to Verses as much as XIII on this forum, were probably LeoJ and Soriku.

The reason is, because it's a PS3 exclusive.

You just cant resist can you?

Maybe, just maybe... they want it more because it looks awesome, and people have seen more of the game since FF13 Multiplat?

A few things.

1. FFXIII was one of the most hyped game on the PS3.
It still is

2. Now, a large number of PS3 fans use any excuse they can to flame the game(like this thread) and the company(this thread), which they would never do to a game or company that was still PS3 exclusive.
The company gets flamed because of a HUGE lack of PS3 support from them. The game gets flamed because as people say, the graphics aren't as good as people thought they would be.

3. The day it was announced multiplat, the vast majority of PS3 fanboys claimed that they were instead looking forward to Verses more.
I cant really say anything on this... i wasnt here.

4. Despite the fact that we, at the time, didn't know much about the game, besides its developer.
see above

5. Some people in this thread have openly claimed that they are looking forward to verses more, because, and only because it's a PS3 exclusive.
A lot of people think Exclusives > Multiplats, so what?

6. Many, many people in this thread are claiming that XIII is much worse, and they might not buy it now, because, and only because, it's multiplat.
No, not just because ts Multiplat... its what being multiplat has apparently done to the game. Worse graphics, lack of Japanese voices, lack of free roam. Or whatever.

My opinion formed based off of those assumptions.
Fair enough, its your opinion... but please dont make it sound like most people only want Versus more because it's exclusive.


this dude zenfoldor is anoying, he says that people are elitist 4 wanting the final result of the game as should be in the original PS3 programing, is ok for FF13 being multiplatform, what's the word for what MS is doing so both games look equal in both consoles? that they have the same, if the original version for the PS3 had a lot more things, downgrading the PS3 version? 1 word I can use is sabotage!!!

And if someone is trying to say that the game will be better because of the money from MS I find it very unlikely because the game was in production when MS buy it , and everything was planned the story, music, programing, since pre-production.

I go more for the reduction of sequences, reduction of sound quality, visual effects, and textures. and no extras like the japanesse voice acting that I don't care. everything done to fit on # of dvds. and so both look the same because the PS3 version won't make look bad the 360 version.

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