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ZenfoldorVGI said:

A few things.

1. FFXIII was one of the most hyped game on the PS3.

2. Now, a large number of PS3 fans use any excuse they can to flame the game(like this thread) and the company(this thread), which they would never do to a game or company that was still PS3 exclusive.

3. The day it was announced multiplat, the vast majority of PS3 fanboys claimed that they were instead looking forward to Verses more.

4. Despite the fact that we, at the time, didn't know much about the game, besides its developer.

5. Some people in this thread have openly claimed that they are looking forward to verses more, because, and only because it's a PS3 exclusive.

6. Many, many people in this thread are claiming that XIII is much worse, and they might not buy it now, because, and only because, it's multiplat.

My opinion formed based off of those assumptions.

The reason why PS3/X360 owners, and even Wii owners, get agitated over exclusivity vs multiplat is simple. Multiplat games breed mediocrity. If every game is on every console then there is no reason to buy anything but the cheapest console. FF games are important to alot of people, they have been console pushers. So its perfectly understandable why those who want to see their console to succeed would get it exclusively. If it had remained PS3 exclusive I guarantee PS3 would have at least 500k more sold and X360 500k less sold, at least.

I own all three consoles and I still would rather have more games be exclusive than multiplat. When a studio can focus all its energy on one platform it can get it done faster and better. When they have to spread the work around to three platforms you can bet they will cut corners, give up content, make decisions they would otherwise not have made.

1. FF games have been some of the best games ever.

2. Pretty much every game/console has its haters. Thats just normal. Given how high profile it is, it just has more haters and lovers.

3. Read the paragraphs above. A multiplat game isn't going to give an advantage to one console over the other and thats what alot of people care about on this site.

4. Same as above.

5. Same as above.

6. They are lying little bastards. They are just depressed because the exclusive hype they felt is gone. The PS3 game is not going to be the clear best of the two games (a kind of exclusivity) and thus they feel deflated. In the end if they were true FF fans they will buy it, play it, love it, and kiss SE feet again for another decade. I know I will. 

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