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GameAnalyser said:
Sardauk said:

I don't how accurate or relevant this info is so ... don't kill me :


That’s what announcing a slim console does for you. PS3 racked up a hilarious 2,052 sales in Japan last week, making it the lowest selling games hardware in the market.

Mind you, the only machine it managed to beat in the previous week was PS2.

Data below for the week ending August 23.

  • DSi - 59,578
  • PSP - 27,187
  • Wii - 26,972
  • Xbox 360 - 8,979
  • DS Lite - 5,735
  • PS2 - 3,295
  • PS3 - 2,052

Actually Japan is having stock unavailablity and the old ps3's are getting sold out. Sony has already begun increasing the production to a mass scale to meet  consumer's demands. And I would like u to post the sales after Sept's 1st week rather than cherry picking ur favourite console's higher sales.


I don't have any Nintendo products...


Evan Wells (Uncharted 2): I think the differences that you see between any two games has much more to do with the developer than whether it’s on the Xbox or PS3.