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^If you're interested in the OFFICIAL Guide, then you should wait and buy the DELUXE Demon's Souls version. That one will sell (and it's been pre-ordered) for $69.99., it also comes with a slipcover. If you pre-order any US version you also get a bonus soundtrack CD and art book (limited quantities for these, not ALL pre-orders will get this 100% guaranteed). The difference between versions (the Asian and the US version) are minimal, mainly grammatical corrections, some words changed here and there, nothing major. The US version will only be able to play online on the US servers (instead of the asian servers), so if you care about that, well now you know. Also, the US version won't be able to use saves from other versions and viceversa. There you go, make up your mind, and get the game, whatever version you choose you'll be getting a great one, and the best RPG this year for any console.