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JEDE3 said:
Lord Flashheart said:
I never said I have a diploma.
That was you spreading fud.

LOOK LOOK IT'S NOT AN EXCLUSIVE!!! HAHA 360. (yes an overreaction but it's a joke so don't take it too much to heart)

Does it matter if it's not a 360 exclusive?
Did anyone say it was?
what was the need in bringing it up?
Did it add to the thread?
Was you trying to be helpful?

and the way you keep telling everyone what 360 fans think (which is always negative) is trying to discredit the 360 and its owners by spreading half truths and lies.

see... this is where your ingorance comes to play. I never said you had a diploma. I said you say you COULD HAVE a diploma. Complete difference. If you are confusing this simple logic then that explains why you are confusing FUD up. And I did say it was exclusive... WoW was the one who said it wasn't. It's not FUD. You are grasping at straws. Now, I'm still waiting for your apology and acceptance that you talk outta yer ass.

"And you say you can have a HS diploma in the US... that's yet to be seen."

I did a letter 'F' with the word can so sure, on that one point you're right you didn't say that well done.

But don't go acting like this means I'm apologising about anything else.
I'm still right about you.

JEDE3 said:
badgenome said:
JEDE3 said:
Talk about unrealistic. 4th gear into a wall.... and it still drives.

He had selected only cosmetic damage.

what? No, that can't be it. It's got to be unrealistic. If it were realistic then there would be no option for this.

It seems yet another person see's you for who you are

slowmo said:
JEDE3 said:
slowmo said:
Lots of the Sony camp once again proving their immaturity in here, wah, wah, wah, everyone hates the PS3. Grow up. Excellent posts MindKry, unfortunately you're dealing with people in complete denial and can never accept Sony would shaft them over.

Yeah... we are the immature ones but you are the one complaining about it mimicing a baby cry.... yeah.. real mature there.

Why would I have any interest in discussing anything with this sites most reknowned Sony fanboy troll?  Run along kid.

That's funny seeing as how you get stressed out and start f'ing and blinding.

Also you didn't answer my questions?