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sega4life said:
Serious_frusting said:

Hi pipz. I have got a little problem just wanted some advice. I am going to buy a HDD (120gb) for my PS3 phat 2morrow.

The problem is though i can trade in my current PS3 put the money on top and get a slim. The extra i would have to pay is around the same i would pay for the HDD on its own.

My gauntee has run out on my current PS3 aswell.

Oh and i have a game card so i can pre-order the ps3slim and get double points.

What should i do? i love my phat ps3 but i like new tech. Ahhhhhhhhhh so confused

hmm... hard choice..

I would say get an even larger HD for your PS3 Phat..

But at the same time the warranty is up on your PS3 Phat..

And the Slim uses less power, and is smaller...

here are some HD prices from one of my fave online and retail stores TigerDirect & Compusa = Same store..

Got 160gig for $64.99 and a 500gig for $129.99

& 120gig for $39.99

Item Number: TMD-120ASG
Model: ST9120411ASG
Availability: Order Today, Ships Today

Price:   $39.99



O you live in UK.. mybad..

lol its cool

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