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Okay, here's the deal, my wireless internet on my PC has stopped working... again... (I'm typing this on a different PC). The internet signal icon no longer appear on the bottom of my screen with the other icons. Basically it appears the USB port apparently no longer recognizes the device even though it still makes the *ding-da-ding* noise whenever I pull it out or put it in.

When I reinstalled Windows XP back in the day I lost the default wireless driver and since have used the program that came with my wireless hub as a supplement (Needless to say this makes my wireless far more suseptable to issues if I had just a generic wireless driver as a part of windows). Since then the internet has done this several times, but each time I've remedied the situation by reinstalling the wireless program (driver) and switching to a different USB port which always prompted the wireless to be rebooted ("new hardware found"). Problem is there is only four USB ports on the back of my PC and I've used the all now and now none of them will recognize the Wirelless Hub as even existing.

Additionally whenever I restart my computer it gives me an error message about "Rundll" (or something to that effect) which appears to be connected to my computer's USB managing capabilities. I've ignored this for the longest time since its been of no consequence, but now it may be part of the problem, who knows.

So I stand at this point.

Should I just reinstall windows and try from a fresh start? Or should I see if I can download something to fix the Rundll error?

Is there a way to resett my USB ports so they recognize the wireless device as new hardware again?

Would downloading a generic wireless device driver remedy the issue? Any recommendations? I had one when I first bought my computer from a friend but neither he nor I have any clue on how to replace it.

Do i just need a new wireless device and/or USB cable?

As any of you who've attempted to assist me before know, I'm quite computer-illiterate and clueless when it comes to trouble-shooting such matters so detailed instructions and links to downloads or places with specific information would be greatly appreciation.