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"After 12 threads and 50 posts I think I have enough to show my post history. Now... Please guy... Show me where I spread all this 360 FUD and I take Ps3 fans speculation as facts... Oh, You can't? Then sit down and shut the fuck up because you are fucking obnoxious."

"The only way Jereels comment can be varified is if you get a decent sized sample group from around the world. Of people who don't own the Wii, 360, or Ps3. And have them play EVERY single new IP and have them grade them"

"... I don't know how MGSR has to do with MGS4 rumors. I'm also not sure what BC has to do with multiplatform game discussion..."

"i hope they do one with the slim."

"I think I know where I went wrong with my 280 number.

Tell me if this makes sense.

I used the 10% loss still to come up with it. But when he said that 10% number the 65nm chip set was already in the console for 1.5-2 years... something like that? And that would give it time to reduce the costs of manufacture.

When I did my estimate I didn't take that into consideration. So the 45nm chip set would be more expenisve with it falling in costs in time. So, maybe we are closer to our estimates than we are thinking. Do you think the costs over time can be reduced to closer to my estimates?"

"are you talking about trenttons quote? It doesnt mean that if they sell 13 million systems this FY that the HW would magically become profitable. What he meant was that with a higher user base buying more SW and periphrials DLC and such it'll balance out the losses"

"How much do you think they'd be losing with everthing factored in?"

"So you agree with me that even if they cost 280 to manufacture Sony would still not be profitable."

"I don't know, I estimated ~280 not including all that stuff. (As you can see from my previous post) 311 isn't that far off but would they be able to sell enough software and periphs to make up for that? What would the dollar amount be for their loss for you. Including all that stuff. And I know you wont forget to take retail cut out of the 300"

"Yes, but taken completely out of context and not even on the same topic as this thread here so that quote is completely irrelevant."

"For the fats though we have a better estimate. Since the CFO said they still lose about 10% on each system sold."

"You guys are fucking obnoxious. How is "Ps3 is profitable allows them to cut the price" Me saying "Ps3 is making a profit now"

Seriously guys, grow up. You are fucking obnoxious."

"funny picture, but not nearly owned at all. I'll talk to NJ5 about this subject because he is more educated than you 3 on this subject/."

"Not ownage at all. Even if it costs 250 to make it still would not be profitable for Sony. Also what he isnt showing you is what thread it is. I believe it is in "How can Sony drop the price" thread.. which... if Sony is selling at 400 dollars then, yes, the Ps3 is now profitabl, and yes, they can drop it. OWNED YOUR FACE! "

"420 on fats."

"nothing i've said contradicts me... glad it took you a couple of hours out of your day to find it though."

"I think they are close to breaking even now. They lowered manufactureing costs from 840 -> 420 by cutting out Ps2 components, 2 USB slots, a card slot, and shrinking the RSX and Cell to 65nm. 420 dollars by those simple steps. Now they cut the Cell to 45 nm (RSX not quit clear but I'd think they have) took chrome faceplate off. Chrome PLAYSTATION 3 off. Shrunk the chasis. Took the finish off. Are using push buttons instead of touch."

"when have i ever said they were profitable on ps3 hw?"

"last time someone tried to use this logic it was when isupply came out. everyone shouted "IMPOSSIBLE!" "They must be losing at least 100 per console still!" then it turned out they were only losing 40."

"It sounds to me like he is strictly talking about the ps3. He says "on hardware" we know psp isn't losing money and the ps2 isnt. Then he says "platform" since when have multiple consoles been a platform?"

Is 70 posts enough for you? Or do you want me to keep going. Cause I will.... because again... no where in these quotes do you see 360 FUD or me taking specualtion as fact. Just you having a quote completely going over your head and not understanding the simple context of the quote and you starting a shit storm.... Hey... seems like you cause more FUD than I do... and you speculate more than I do... You spend more time in the Sony forums than I in the MS ones. Why the fuck am I up on the witness stand? ou have no room to talk so just shut up already.