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"I don't need to try... you do a good job of that yourself."

"flew... right... over... your... head... oh wow. I think I know what type of person you are now. "

"You, sir, are full of fail. My 360 FUD? LOL.

Still skeptical that PS3 will outsell Xbox360 in the US from Sept-Dec, BBC: Microsoft in web photo racism row, "It Only Does Everything" now at end of US PS3 Videos; Ads to follow, BioWare doesn't deny PS3 Mass Effect., Advice on insulting people., After Cash for Clunkers... Cash for Refrigerators!, Whats that a PSP-4000?, Why are some hyping Demon Soul like it is a game changer?, PSP + Nutcase + Teen = Jail?..., PS3 YLOD Repair, Sony Launches £82m Ad Push for PlayStation 3 Across Europe, 250GB PS3 Slim + GT5 Bundle Coming, PS3 profitability -- Breaking down Kaz' statement, PS3 SLIM £99 upgrade offer????, Sony Losing Money On PS3 Slim

Yeah... really looks like I spend my time in the MS forums. The only MS one in that list is me laughing at a photo from Wisconsin.

Get over yourself. You are wrong."

"I were disputing(LOL)? No. What I said was Australia said it was 50/50 and the people here claim it was the pro. The only way for you to be correct about "it being proven" is to show MS saying so. Otherwise it's speculation at best on your part."

"isnt that what i said? lol this is such a great example of people not knowing what they are talking about."

"australia just said its half and half between pro and arcade there. and 360 fans claim pro is the best selling model."

"...uh...huh.... are you joking? I can't tell"

"no it didnt"

"yeah... i mean... same with 360. Its out of warranty now a bunch of those sales this year will just be people replacing their rrod console. /'sarcasm"

"wait wait wait.... the general public is clueless of the slim but eagerly anticipating the elite cut?"

"Sony should hire a team of professional "leakers" people who every few months leaks some sony gossip trhat isnt true. That will make people go "oh... another rumor" when real leaks happen"

"I thought they already stated they were working on the PSP 4000... I don't know if they were talking about the Go then or not."

"lol... to add a black kid? never heard of something like that. when looking at it i was thinking. "man they didn't take the guy out. it just look like they added him in to make it look like he was taken out" then i read your post and realized it was the opposite of what i was looking for. funny."

"black people are less minority than asians in poland?

better solution: take another picture."

"the funny thing about that wisconsin photo is that black kid would be awfully close to that guy right behind the girl."

"From what I gather EU (or at least UK) have the "Start...." tagline now"

"lol @ dandd and mike."

".... no... no you don't."

"That's impossible. Bioware is pretty much admitting it's a possibility... just not right now. While Kojima, Sony, and Konami all shot the rumor down immediatly... but they kept coming"

"Wow... completely flew over your head... well maybe this one wont... I say LAIR is the greatest new IP this gen."

"Your right. I worded it a little wrong. I vote the people who whine over what the other party does. Especially the ones who over exaggerate. Is that better? There were a lot more threads than yours doing what you did. I shouldn't have singled yours out."

"I vote yours with whinning about the ps3 fans claiming something they arent"

"Hey... some people prefer music games over FPS... HOLY SHIT IMAGINE THAT!"

"lol... bioshock? rock band? madworld? conduit? NMH? left for dead? heavenly sword? VC? DS? resistance? infamous? there are ton of great ones."

"even i it bombs compared to the 360 version it will most likely recoop the losses. Why do you think Bioshock 2 is comming to the ps3 if it bombed exactly like the poster i was directing my post to said."

"to the 360 fans it is... unless gears of war isnt one either..."

"bomb or not it aint a 360 exclusive that way... isn't that the point?"

"there is one thing.... If you are self conscious about something... even if she might so happen to stumble upon it by accident. And you know it will piss you off if she goes there. You shouldn't insult the person."

"Call her a cock monger. You should call some of my ex'es and get some good ones "

"So... how far do you want to take your insults?"

"Cunt for girls is a big one... they get PISSED... word of advice though... use it on someone you despise... if you use it in the heat of the moment during an arguement you might regret it."

"360 fans are cornered? because I see more aggression coming from their party than anywhere recently.,"

"had to add something to your post so I can say...

I agree with this 100%.

(if i didn't add that it would only be 99%)"

"It wasn't really hyped at all. If these games are what i'm thinking they are it was just a couple of threads acting like these games going on their platform was a huge victory."

"That hype thread isn't going to be as big as this one. That thread failed."

"god... i think that kid in the video was mentally challenged. He made weird sounds... disturbing."

"I love how xbox fans claim Ps3 fans are crazy and spout ridiculous stuff and that there will never be a 360 fan counter part... Seriously."

"Yeah... 'cause the answer to someone selling you faulty items is to kidnap and murder them... shit whatever happened to small claims court. The kid didn't rip him off. The idiot was stupid. Did he turn it on and test it before he bought it? Probablly not. And if not he'd lose in court unless the kid made any specific comments on how it runs which were untrue."

"you sound like me working on my car... I went to change my fuel filter and I snaped the fuel line I fix one thing but break another. "

"Wow... i just watched that second ad again. It even has the PS eye... im impressed."

"Well, I think that second ad answers some concerns in this thread. It definitly is focusing on free online play and games."

"NJ5 - i don't know about being stupid if they don't bundle it. GT5 will be their biggest game to be released. Don't you think they should take that for granted and sell as many copies they can. Giving it away for free would eat their profits for holiday quarter."

"kowenicki - but you are forgetting that GT5 is suppose to be bundled with this 250 gig. They see the GT5 they see the 250 gigs. They might think its worth the extra 100 dollars without thinking it through like you have"

"i dony believe so. they see bigger and automatically think better."

"Eyepet with the 250 gig? No. Maybe the more casual friendly cheaper model. I'd say KZ2."

"So you don't need to delete game data from installs. I think 250gigs takes care of that all. I know I have a 60giger and I wish I had more space cause I only have about 4 games of space left before I have to start deleting installs. Anyway, a 400 dollar Ps3 250 gig slim with GT5 is definatly a good deal and would be profitable."

After 12 threads and 50 posts I think I have enough to show my post history. Now... Please guy... Show me where I spread all this 360 FUD and I take Ps3 fans speculation as facts... Oh, You can't? Then sit down and shut the fuck up because you are fucking obnoxious.