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Sony has virtually zero chance of outselling MS in the US outside of the next 4 weeks or so. Once ODST hits, it will be MS back on top. The holidays will handily go to MS because of the arcade bundles that are sure to come. $299 is still way to expensive at the moment.

In 2010, MS will probably bury Sony (and possibly even Nintendo) with Natal.

OUS, Sony will be ahead for the rest of the year. However, when Natal launches it will be up for grabs, although I give MS a better chance of winning EU than Sony. Japan is a foregone conclusions so it isn't worth talking about.

This is where I stopped taking this post seriously.

Japapn is still a VERY important market btw, whether you want to admit it or not. For Microsoft to rule this industry, they must rule there as well.


Anyone that doesn't think that NATAL will radically shift the balance isn't paying attention or is being deliberately obtuse.

Natal's going to bury Sony & Nintendo? Are you paying attention to what you're posting?

If not, I'd say give it a try...

Sigh, where do you people learn to read?  I said probably bury Sony ( probably = >50% chance ) and possibily Nintendo (possibly = something greater than 10-15%).   

At this point, the HD wars (and maybe the whole market) in the US is MS' to lose. 

As long as it deliveries on its promise (which is not guarenteed hence the lower than unity probilities), NATAL completely changes the landscape.  As a strategy professional and long time gamer, in my expert opinion NATAL will be the single most influential event in gaming since the introduction of the 2600.



I could ask the same thing of where are you pulling your BS notion of Microsoft "probably" burying either Nintendo or Sony?

Just face it man, this is HIGHLY unlikely, even for Natal.