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This is more a list of people I dislike in the gaming sector...but I dislike them because they complain about dumb stuff, and say lame things.

1. People who complain when a game doesn't sell boatloads...then call it a flop, when in reality, they are pretty good sales.

2. People who won't shut the fuck up about Forza 3 vs GT 5 "screenshots". Seriously...STFU!

3. People who won't buy a game unless it gets a 90+ score from Metacritic. You people suck!

4. Gamers who constantly use the term Halo Killer/CoD Killer/Whatever Killer, to describe every game that resembles any other game made before it.

5. Gamers who over use these phrases "Epic, Fail, Epic Fail, any combination of Epic and/or fail" These people in general can go fuck themselves. If there is one thing I hate...it is the whole Epic/Fail fad. Goddamn...I can't go anywhere without someone saying that an "Apple is Epic" or "Haha...guy walked into the wrong room....fail"

6. Gamers who hated the Wii because of Motion Control...saying things such as "Haha...baby toy, etc" but all of a sudden they like Motion Control because of Natal/PSWand. I never liked motion control, and I never will. Don't be a hypocrite.

7. Gamers who think that when a game is good for their system it is somehow their accomplishment. It isn't...you didn't contribute anything at all...stop pretending like you achieved something.

8. People who "boycott" any game for any reason...but still buy it anyway. Fuck you.

9. Gamers who use the word CONFIRMED after a statement...like "Uncharted 2 GOTY...Confirmed" or "Modern Warfare 2 Best Selling Game...Confirmed"...when it is obviously not confirmed. Not even close. Confirmed means 100% ratified.

10. World of Warcraft. I know it isn't a person...but I hate it anyway. No...I never played it, and I never will. How do I know I hate it...here's how...I read that to join some Guilds, you have to send them a resume, then have an interview or some shit, then if you qualify, you are part of the Guild. What the Holy Fuck? I have never heard anything as ridiculous as that right there.