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Well there goes my interest in upgrading to an Elite later.

ok come on, you can get an HDMI cable for under 5 bucks.

As if, not where im at, there all $50 and above and they dont ship HDMI cables where im at so no its a make or break, and with this news it just broke all over the place.

Your profile says you live in the United States. If that's true, you must be living in cabin in the middle of nowhere for your statement to be true.

Yes, Hawaii is apart of the USA, but they charge an insane amount or nothing at all for an HDMI cable which is why we only have 3 in our house all paid for at $40 to $50, so i stand by my statment.

It costs $4.80 to ship you a set of HDMI cables. Grand total is $7. Try again.

What, son, what? New York, New York!!!