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nordlead said:
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KylieDog said:
nordlead said:
which just goes to show you that Microsoft and Sony know that the mainstream doesn't care about HD, and the people that do are willing to shell out lots of extra $ just to get it.

My HD cable for my PS3 cost me a pound.  Where are you shopping?

It's not about the prices that you can find them at, it's about prices some people are willing to buy them for. 

exactly. Go into Best Buy, Walmart, EBGames, or any other major electronics retailer or the like and you'll find you need to spend $30 minimum for a 4ft HDMI cable. If you buy Nintnedo/PS3/X360 branded merchandise it costs even more. However, 4ft doesn't cut it for most people, and they need a 20ft, which will cost them closer to $100. Internet savy people are more likely to buy their cables online for dirt cheap, but most people walk in the store and buy everything they need. At Best Buy you can walk in the store and probably talk them down $100-200 on any TV if you are willing to buy the cables from them because they will make every $ back on the cables alone.

*self-facepalm* Didn't even see that in your post Nordlead, just saw Kylie's and posted :P. Either way it's a low blow because even if only one person buys MS' branded HDMI cable they've already won the battle since they've made a profit (although small) off of their HDMI cables that they used to put bundled with the Elite.

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