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I picked up mine a year and a half ago for $399, complete with both the dual composite / component cables and HDMI cable, which retails for $50 alone, and headset, which is anywhere from $30-$50 depending if you buy it alone or as part of the Xbox Live Starter Kit, so it was a pretty good deal for me considering I would have had to have spent roughly $100 extra on the HDMI cable and starter back separately if I got the 20 GB Pro model, plus I got an extra 100 GB of hard drive space.

This is simply M$ way of making more money since people who want the most out of their system will obviously be willing to shell out some extra dough for HD cables.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.