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The guy in the video...

I have no idea who this guy is. I think Chad Warden doing this would make far more of an uproar. I looked at his account, and his top video has 25,000 views.


How many views does your top video have?


Seriously...you are shrugging off 25,000 people interested in his personal life?  That is a lot.

I haven't put up any videos, but that's besides the point. I would assume that if he were a Youtube star, then hundreds of thousands of people would watch his videos. Instead, it's a couple thousand. Yeah, I'm sorry that he did something so stupid, but I've really never heard of the guy.

What does being a Youtube star have to do with anything? Not THAT is besides the point. And 25,000 is more than a couple thousand. It doesn't matter if you have heard of him or not, that wasn't the point of the thread.

Just kiss the tip.