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To make it more interesting, it would be fun if they packed 3-5 DC games on a DVD for Wii. Should be possible as a GD-Rom disk is about 1.2 Gigabyte and games often, if I'm not wrong, was often in the size of a CD-Rom disk (650-700 Megabyte).

For PS3 and Xbox 360, maybe downloadable HD remade versions would be best.

As for games I would want to see, I don't know. Anything? Years ago, I was thinking of buying a DC as it was more interesting then PS2 and GC, but DC was dying, only a few new games came out and Bleemcast! did not support many PS games, so I went on with a black GC later on instead. But I missed out on the great stuff that was. To play some of those games for a budget price would be nice.