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numonex said:
Sony needs to significantly improve PS3 system sales or they could potentially lose support from third party developers. The most critical factors to Sony is third party support for PS3 and getting more Blu-Ray players/PS3s into people's living rooms to continue the struggling Blu-Ray format fight against DVD format.

Price cuts, a new PS3 model are the answer and Sony will have to bite the bullet and take more financial pain if they want to make more gain in regards to console sales war and the media format war.

Due to being a huge company Sony have the financial resources to help the struggling PS3 into the future.

You do realize that, although Sony is a "Huge Company", they are unprofitable and don't have much in the way of cash reserves to finance further losses from Sony's gaming division; and (on top of this) R&D costs, and licencing costs, associated with the eventual release of their next generation handheld and console system are going to ramp up in the next couple of years.