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I'm feeling weird tonight, bad headahce and my mind is just racing at about 180 miles an hours..

If VGChartz was somehow a JRPG and its members were its cast I'd imagine it would be something like..

Hero - Soriku or Carl2291(sorry if I spelt it wrong.)

Obligatory Rival - SeraphicSixaxis, Xxain, seece, dsolitude

Obligatory adorable pet/mascot - Pichu_Pichu, famousringo or TwRoO

Love Interest - I can't think of any, there are 2 females semi-active on this forum anyway and they're both underage though I think NintendoFanGirl or Invisible29 would make awesome obligatory loli.

Comic Relief Guy - SHMUPGurus or badgenome or axumblade or dsister or someone.. I don't know..

Mentor - Rol, Squilliam, superchuck, Mike Intellivision, Amp316

Villian - Naznatips, MontanaHatchet, Nordlead, Megaman.2.

Villian's Right Hand man or The Double Crosser in the party - Khuutra, Noname2200, Tuoyo

This is what a lack of sleep makes to think about.. 

Pixel Art can be fun.