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hopefully they will port L4D over to the ps3 b/c of this

because of what...fanboy delusions?

How can one with such a one-sided agenda call anything "fanboy delusions"? What makes YOU any better? Why does someone always have to be a "fanboy" due to a mere preference? I never understood this line of thinking.


Good explantaion CGI.

its getting harder and harder 4 me to post on this site b/c of these attacks ive been gettin


i dont see anything wrong with my post its not like L4D and PS3 havent been rumored since the 1st L4D came out if the ps3 is making ea $ i dont see any really reason 4 L4D series not to come to the PS3 unless there are other issues of exclusivty that i dont know about

Valve's bread and butter is the PC, and the 360 is very easy to port to from the PC.  That is the reason Valve has stated again and again.  It's not really that hard to believe. 

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