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When Agent was announced at E3 2009,Rockstar touted it as the next big thing.In the media there were rumors going about that Agent was the game Rockstar was secretly developing from 2004.Rockstar said that they were developing a Playstation exclusive game from a long time that took full advantage of the PS3 but they didn't say whether it was Agent or something else.

If Agent was to be that game and has been in development from that long time,it could be that it is ready and up for a release.I am not confirming anything but Sony only has NGS2,R&C,Uncharted and MAG as their exclusives this holiday season.These games are big but not as big as some of the Huge franchises out there unless GT5 releases this year and FF13 is only releasing in Japan this year.Also they have a very packed next year of exclusives with games such as Heavy rain,Last guardian,Quantum,FF14,Modnation racers,GOW3,WNC,TMPS3,La noire,Resistance3 and GT5 to name almost all of them.To release a new IP in all of that mess is not such a good idea even if it's a Rockstar game.

This year's holidays is a very good time to release it.Sony has a massive 3hours conference at GamesCon so they could surprise us with it.Well they gotta announce atleast one big game during that long conference.