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List you are about to see is about games that will be released in 2008, maybe some of them might end up in 2009(FF13) and there might be few big titles about we don't know yet, or maybe i missed some.....but this is my list of strong reasons why you should buy PS3 in 2008, if you already don't own it.

P.S- THIS GAMES ARE PS3 EXCLUSIVES. I don't count multiplatform games. 

-Metal Gear Solid 4

-Killzone 2

-Grand Tourismo 5

-Little Big Planet

-White Knight Story

-Final Fantasy 13


-War Devil Enigma

-Heavy Rain

-Afrika(huge question mark on this one - maybe it is something as Pokemon Snap for N64)

-Motorstorm 2

-New Insomniac game/project(Resistance 2?)

-New Naughty Dog game/project(Uncharted 2 or Jak & Daxter 2 ???)


-And service like HOME might end up being interesting. 

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