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The_vagabond7 said:
jeese, how ridiculous. People expect American like democracy to be implemented to the tee in every aspect of their life.

You know what? My house is not a democracy. If you come into my house I can tell you to leave for whatever the hell reason I want. You do not have the freedom to do whatever you want in my house, and I can make up whatever stupid rules I want. If you don't like it, then you can leave my house. That is not ridiculous, that is not absurd, that's plain and simple and I would extend the same respect to your house, and you would expect it without question. If you came into my house and told me my rules are stupid, or wanted to debate the validity and consistency of my rules, or the justice of said rules I could care less. My house is not a democracy. My house, I pay to be here, I put work into my house, you have no right to come into my house and tell me how to do things. If you want to make a suggestion, pay some me damn taxes and maybe I'll consider it.

This is ioi's house. If you don't like what he's doing, no one forces you to be here. Hell, just check the numbers and leave if you want. You can enjoy this site without ever having to talk to a mod, or put yourself into a position to be judged by them. You want a better community, go find one or create one yourself but just bitching here doesn't fix anything. You think you have a right to complain here? When was the last time you were forced to pay ioi something to be here?

 The house argument is a little bit of a straw man. With the proper badge a person can come into your house, seize your property, put you in jail and hold you there without bail and without providing you legal counsel. That's just in America, not sure about other parts of the world.We're talking about legal authority here, right?

No one is forced to pay ioi anything to be here. True. You do have to spend time to be here. As you get older you'll find that it becomes more important to invest wisely. 

To use your reasoning about "a better community", what does your "bitching" here accomplish? Should anybody be influenced by what you have to say? Do you have a right to say it?