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Report: Sony losing about $40 on each PS3

Sony CFO Nobuyuki Oneda noted recently that the PS3's cost is still 10 percent higher than the system's price, reports Andriasang.com. With the console's price differences in each region, if Oneda is talking about Japan, that would be approximately ¥4,000 ($42). In North America the same $40 loss would also hold true.

As bad as losing money on each console manufactured sounds, it used to be worse. Just a year ago the estimate was that Sony was losing over $100 per system. Losing a couple Jacksons (four Hideyo's in Japan) per console isn't great, but it appears that Sony's costs and sales on the console are slowly finding equilibrium. Unless, of course, there's another $100 price drop in the PS3's near future.


Same CFO, just 3 months ago...



3 Months is allot of time when it comes to electronics...

Yeah but nearly HALF the manufacturing cost in 3 months? Color me skeptical.

When did the first leaks of a Slim PS3 appear?

well, if the slim actually costs that much... I would probably guess they gutted it to the point of being garbage.  They would of had to take out some major components in the slim model to reduce the price by that much.  I'm think something just isn't being recieved correctly.  If the article actually listed the conversation instead of just talking about it, this could make a lot more sense.