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@ Darc Requim, Words of Wisdom

It works both ways. I'm ultimately tired with all this final failure threads etc.. PS3 will be here for at least 5 more  years. It didn't hit with any really big title so far. Planty solid games but no real heavy hitter. We can talk about Motorstorm, Gundam etc. but you know this as good as I do - these games are nowhere close to games PS3 is destinated for. PS3 consistently gains momentum. Slowly and in pain but all big things birth in pain. Sony won't quit - current price drops are a clearly sign of serious approach to gaming division. It's not about preferences but about common sense - you can't talk about future of the system after one holidays with extremely high price tag.  As someone already pointed GC failed because of games. This won't happen with PS3 because this system have as a guest all the biggest franchises.