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JUG said:
Bowling is amazing!!!! Just been playing it against my friend today - this is a SERIOUS upgrade from the original. Don't believe anyone who says it's too familiar. Have any of you tried the spin challenge mode yet? That's the best!

I completely agree with you. just bought it last night and played some bowling this afternoon and it's very different from wiisports. you control the ball much more precisely. It's incredible. May be it's because i sucked at wiibowling (around 160-180 on a regular game) but i find the controls much more accurate and spinning much easier. It really reflects the hands.

but i'm slightly disappointed by swordfighting. the duel is just wagglefest. The only fun part is the side by side competition (which is really fun btw).


great game overall. much better than wiisports, more fun, more depth, more variety. Just a better game.