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Spankey said:
^^yup in my experience, 9/10 time the problem exists between chair and keyboard.

That said, I'm using the W7 RC now and have been since release, and like you said, no problems.
Even properly integrates with older domains too, unlike Vista.
Good step up imo.

"(as viruses just can't work on Unix like systems like Linux)" - then please explain why Anti-virus software is available for Linux

and WTF is a shill?

@ Italic comment. I totally agree with you, lol. More viruses are programmed for the most prevelant OS, simple fact. Linux and OSX may be somewhat less vulnerable because of this, but they are by no means immune. For those that believe the utter nonsense that viruses simply 'can't run' on their pet platform, I present a quick list of known viruses for Linux.

The following is a partial list of known Linux malware. Known malware is not the only or even the most important threat: new malware or attacks directed to specific sites can use vulnerabilities not previously known to the community or not previously used by malware.

[edit] Trojans

  • Kaiten - Linux.Backdoor.Kaiten trojan horse[13]
  • Rexob - Linux.Backdoor.Rexob trojan[14]

[edit] Viruses

  • Alaeda - Virus.Linux.Alaeda[15]
  • Bad Bunny - Perl.Badbunny[5][16]
  • Binom - Linux/Binom[17]
  • Bliss
  • Brundle[18]
  • Bukowski[19]
  • Diesel - Virus.Linux.Diesel.962[20]
  • Kagob a - Virus.Linux.Kagob.a[21]
  • Kagob b - Virus.Linux.Kagob.b[22]
  • MetaPHOR (also known as Simile)[23]
  • Nuxbee - Virus.Linux.Nuxbee.1403[24]
  • OSF.8759
  • Podloso - Linux.Podloso (The iPod virus)[25][26]
  • Rike - Virus.Linux.Rike.1627[27]
  • RST - Virus.Linux.RST.a[28]
  • Satyr - Virus.Linux.Satyr.a[29]
  • Staog
  • Vit - Virus.Linux.Vit.4096[30]
  • Winter - Virus.Linux.Winter.341[31]
  • Winux (also known as Lindose and PEElf)[32]
  • Wit virus[33]
  • ZipWorm - Virus.Linux.ZipWorm[34]

[edit] Worms