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DaSimkin said:
Vista is utter Crap. Windows 7 is pretty good. but it's not better than Windows XP, OSX or Linux.

Windows is just designed wrong, from the ground up, unless they start from scratch and use a "Virtual Machine" to run old apps I don't know how they can ever make windows "not suck".

All said and done, I'd use Windows 7 before I'd use Vista. Vista's memory usage is DOUBLE that of Windows 7, with no programs loaded (Vista about 1gb and Windows 7 about 512mb).

Please explain to me how XP is better than 7, seriously, when I go from 7 back to XP, I feel like I did going from XP back to Windows 95. It feels like a HUGE technological step backwards for me now.

Compared to XP, 7 has:

  1. Faster program launch
  2. Better utilization of multi-core processors
  3. Much superior built in multimedia functions
  4. Better DirectX performance
  5. MUCH more intuitive and faster search function built in, capable of federated searches of external web based services
  6. More intuitive navigation due to the application based (instead of window based) taskbar
  7. Easier multitasking by way of taskbar organization, Aero Peek, and multitouch capabilities (the first OS to have this)
  8. Better memory usage than Vista, comprable memory usage to XP
  9. Better out-of-the-box driver support than XP
  10. Simpler hardware & printer installation
  11. Simpler, more intuitive network setup
  12. Better, more customizeable organization of data via Libraries (virtual folders that can aggregate external sources)
  13. Better stability than XP or Vista
  14. Better security than XP, without UAC being as intrusive as on Vista

Just a quick list.