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ZenfoldorVGI said:
ookaze said:
ZenfoldorVGI said:

In this day and age, I have no idea how people still get virus'

I mean, I'm about as hardcore a porn downloader as you can get, and I'd be shocked if I ever got a virus.

Use noscript, and use common sense, and you are immune from any security issue. Nitpick solved.

Mmmh no you're not.

You probably stayed with the viruses like they were back in 1990, but they evolved since then, they don't even require interaction from you anymore since a long time, using the Web as vectors, and browsers vulnerabilities for examples.

I hope you have an antivirus or you're probably a zombie slave without knowing.

I doubt it, but I won't argue. I think that noscript can solve most everyday issues, and if not, I can scan my computer with my brain.

In my experience of managing around 300 end user PCs, most of which run Windows XP, the end user is the weak point almost 100% of the time. Nearly all viruses I have encountered were installed by the user through opening an attachment, clicking 'yes' to a rogue popup window, installing deceptive software, clicking a deceptive link & installing a 'codec', etc. The 'non-interactive' viruses referred to are the exception rather than the rule. As long as you're smart enough to keep your computer up to date by leaving automatic updates on, and don't click on everything you see like some sort of buffoon, you should be just fine. Just scan your computer with Malewarebytes anti-maleware, Superantispyware, etc from time to time to be sure. I usually also suggest that people use AVG Free for the on-access scanning for home use. This is not rocket science, just common (or maybe uncommon) sense. I'd be willing to bet you're probably not a 'zombie slave' lol.