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SaviorX said:

Losing several consoles that I used to own (Dreamcast, broken PS1)

Not getting into the Playstation thing (PS1/PS2) sooner, now playing catch-up.

Buying Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and Baten Kaitos Origins.

Playing MGS2, expecting to go back to playing as Snake or at least move to a different level besides the Big Shell but..............

Not beating FF7 the first time I got it in 2000. Saving my brothers money by getting Freedom Fighters instead of paying more for Super Mario Galaxy...why?.....

Being too afraid to play Resident Evil 1 (GC) for years, but then beating it last month and loving it.

Seeing Azure Dreams at Sam Goody for $15 and not exhausting every means of acquisition before it disappeared forever...................that has to be my BIGGEST ONE. I think about it everyday.

What?? You didn't like Eternal Darkness? Did you beat the game?