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Spankey said:
Dodece said:
I can confirm that there is indeed a PS3 slim model. I can also confirm they have a street date of September 3rd at least in the United States. I work in retail and we received a shipment in today in fact I held them in my hands not four hours ago. They come in three packs wrapped in opaque black plastic. This might explain why you are not finding pictures online. The only reason I knew what I was holding was, because a corner panel of the plastic was ripped off. They are now in the stores caged lockup. Though I did leave the label facing outward. Hopefully on Wednesday when I return to work nothing will be blocking the package. If not I will sneak a picture. I couldn't tonight I was actually helping a manager lock them up.

Anyway I had thought this confirmed this morning.

the weird thing is that you actually sound serious with this post.

Already shipped before official announcement ? Why ?


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