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Aside from 1, 2, and 3 which never change, these things will always vary for me but year here ya go.

10. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle- the best sonic game ever made. So much content, so many numerous and diverse levels, and some of the best music in video games ever. Really this is the ultimate sonic game. Getting all the emblems, raising some chaos, or just kicking back to the tunes cost me well over 200 hours into this game.

09. Burnout 3: Takedown- racing games were never a big thing for me. I liked the Rush games, Mario Kart, and F-Zero. That was about it. But when this game came out... I got absolutely hooked. Great crash mode from the old ones added with intense high octane racing with epic battles. This pushed the franchise further. Shows that yes racers still need action and that those sim racers are boring because they lack it. Great job Criterion... what a shame that it was the last good one.

08. Super Mario Galaxy- Being a creator of any Mario game must be some of the largest amount of pressure ever. Knowing that you have to live up that series is difficult but when this released in 2007 it not only lived up to it but took it to an entirely new level. With the gravity and physics based worlds with still classic platforming Galaxy brought us old school mario with a great twist. Tie that on with some of the best graphics on ANY console and maybe the greatest soundtrack in gaming history and you have one of the greatest games ever... and yet only number 2 for Mario.

07. The Orange Box- I was never an adamant PC gamer so I missed out on the Half Life craze. Really I never understood the hype. But after a long year of school, during the summer I treated myself and bought this. After that, I was forever changed. Half Life 2 was the single greatest first person shooter I had ever played. That's coming from me who thought Goldeneye 007 could never be surprised. The witty level design, continuously changing gameplay, and storyline that is fit for top production movies puts this on a level all its own on the usual mediocre FPS genre. This is the pinnacle of FPS and nothing has touched it since.

06. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem- I'm a huge fan of survival horror games but this one slipped me when it first came out. It wasn't until 2006 that I was able to find it and play it for the first time. This was one of the creepiest games I've ever played. But even more than the sanity meter and the crazy effects it caused, was one of the best stories in video games ever. The compelling conspiracy that spanned over numerous time periods and characters helped unravel a mystery that started in ancient times. With one of the most unique gameplay setups, eerie music, and great story this stands as one of the best in the industry.

05. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess- What can I say... I love the Zelda games. But the most recent edition was something else. This was the largest Zelda game ever released and in many different ways. Epic adventure fields with epic dungeons. Even more, it wasn't just an OoT clone. The changes and differentiations that they applied could have made it one on its own just like Wind Waker and Majora's Mask before it. Even though the music wasn't the best in the series it still captured the world. But most of all, this was one of the most compelling, dramatic, and even saddening storylines in the entire series. Still my favorite 7th generation game and it may stay that way because it is hard to top a Zelda title.

04. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic- I'm not going to lie... I've never been a big RPG fan. With the usual anime influences and spiky haired emo kids that get lost in an epic adventure to save the world it has just never been my liking. But I absolutely love Star Wars and Star Wars video games. So when I got my Xbox in early 2005, this was one of the first ones I bought... more so it was the second RPG I ever played. But most of all it became my favorite one still. The game brought the epicness of the Star Wars world to life for the first time. Giving you complete control over your character and his destiny you truly were playing the role. With one of the best battle systems it kept it turn based but still intense action. Most of all, it had one of the most compelling stories ever and we are talking about the Star Wars universe here which already gives it competition. KOTOR was one of the definite Xbox games and probably the best one released. And no doubt one of the best RPGs ever made.

03. Super Mario 64- Wow... what do I really have to say about SM64. When SM64 came out, gaming was forever changed. Not only were we brought fully into the 3d world of gaming, but into a total reinvention of how games would be played. SM64 provided an overworld with numerous, large smaller worlds that diversified the action. Some of the best controls for a game ever as it showed that gaming can work in 3d. Even further the platforming is STILL the best today. Super Mario 64 was and still is one of the most revolutionary games of our time. It took platforming to another level and brought in numerous of gamers into the hardcore realm... including me.

02. Resident Evil 4- Resident evil is my second favorite franchise of all time... and yet for the most part I didn't love much of the originals aside from RE1 and RE0. They were plagued by annoying controls and disturbing camera issues. However, when RE4 came out in 2004 not only was the series changed forever, but video games in general were changed too. With the new 3rd person over the shoulder gameplay, RE4 fixed all of the old REs problems and turned it into a more epic game in the franchise than it could ever be before this. Not only that, but it continued on with the conspiracy of the old REs but with a new twist. Although working as a spinoff, it tied in numerous ways and setup the 5th one more than previously thought. But what really made this game great is how it was able to balance intense action fights with creepy investigations along with numerous puzzles. Graphically and sound wise it was the best of its time. But it's biggest accomplishment is RE4 set the stage for numerous other games to take it's perfected cover system and 3rd person over the shoulder style which has become an industry favorite. This is the most influencing game of this decade and my favorite of the decade.

01. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- I'm guessing it was no surprise. Another person with OoT as the greatest game ever on their list. But maybe it's not because of conformity but simply because it might just be that... the greatest game ever created. Debatable or not it certainly deserves to be up there. OoT was one of the first games to give you this sense of being an epic adventurer out to save the world. It gave you a character who eseentially was you with a large over world and numerous weapons. But more importantly was how the innovations in gameplay mechanics made it work. The targetting system is still used today even though perfected in 1998. But OoT changed how games were told, the importance of music in video games, and how a game doesn't have to be one genre... but numerous ones. There is so much variation in gameplay, progression of the story, and depth of levels that it has arguably still hasn't been passed. OoT provided a video game with an intelligent storyline, large overworld with lots to do, a progressive but charming flow of gameplay, soundtrack that has yet to be bested, and a triforce of characters that has inspired a generation. Zelda: OoT defined gaming in its time and for the most part defines those gamers still today.