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bbsin said:

OP updated. If you use a headset or not, post it and I'll add it.

I'll be up playing this later, I still need to rest since my right had is super sore after trying to get this combo by heart (I've been going at it all night yesterday):

MANTENBOU B -> C -> HCF+D -> C -> 9, QCF+C -> 2C -> 9, B -> C -> D -> 66 (in air) -> C -> 6C -> DP+D -> 6C -> 3C -> RDP+C

This is the first time I've exclusively used a joystick for a fighting game, it's taking a toll on the back of my hands.

Wow, I only use the d-pad. It screws me over a little bit when I have to pull a quick special, but it works.