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Giant bomb is probably the most unreasonable review. 1up and gamespot are low, but they are known to give low scores to other platforms too. So it's not huge anti-wii FPS, but it still is about 10 points lower than it should be for the metascore.

I picked up Bioshock last week as all the comparisons people have been between the Conduit and it. Graphics in it are little more polished, but not majorly. They are more consitantly good, however the Conduit has some good areas, and some rather bland areas. Too little movable and destructable in the enviornments in the Conduit. Level design is better. The findable in the conduit do not work as well and are less rewarding. Bioshock plays a little recording and you can keep walking. Besides for being harder to find (which isn't exactly a bad thing), but what is bad, in The Conduit you either have to read it (and so they are rather short), or listen in on the radio and stay close to it or it gets too soft to hear, not to mention diffult to switch stations on the radio. Should be a way to pick up the radio if they were going to do that as you don't want to be baby sitting a radio while you could be moving forward. I see no reason why Bioshock couldn't be ported to the wii. The enemies AI in the Conduit seem to be better (although I haven't tried the hardest level of bioshock, so maybe they improve). The Twists in Bioshock are far less believable as it just makes so many of the characters stupid. Playing with the wiimote is far more fun then the dual analog. The carry two weapon at a time limit in The Conduit is also a big minus.

Overall I think I will get more enjoyment out of The Conduit than Bioshock. That is mainly because the online rocks! Comparing single player, The Conduit definitely didn't do as well as it should have. It's not bad, just a little short and the findables are not rewarding enough to bother lookinig for.