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As an owner of 3 thq wii games I can say they need to improve the quality of their games. I bought their games cause they were on clearance I thought: how bad can they be?

Destroy all humans Wii was really fun and addictive, the bad part is that it was pretty short.

Worms Wii was just an average worms game, and they failed to include online :-/

Avatar the last airbender was a fun beat them up, but it was filled with bugs and I think it froze at least 5 times during my play through, some of those where at save points for crying out loud. The license was too good for the developer.

In conclussion, I didn't feel ripped off cause I had my share of fun with those games and I bought them for $15 or less. I would have felt awful if I had made the mistake to buy any of those games at full price. Maybe THQ should just release their wii games, that they know are cheaply made, at $30, that way people wouldn't be so pissed when they notice the lack of effort that went into making those games.