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SaviorX said:

"The entire industry in its haste to make a quick buck has cultivated a consumer that only wants hollywood calibur formulaic hardcore games. No wonder unique and fringe Genres are struggling, you have an industry now where the target consumer is either school kids who think anything with explosions and guns is cool or frat boys that wouldn't even be playing video games today if it wasn't for the original Xbox and prevailing hardcore trends cemented by the 360 and PS3. There's a reason why JRPGs are dying and failing in sales. There's a reason why any game that isn't hardcore, grimdark or gritty is relegated to mediocrity outside of non-gaming circles. Congratulations Gaming Industry, you somehow managed to replace the typical tried and true JRPG grinding, platforming jumping, Japanese Developer loving Core gamer with a Xenophobic, anti-anything Japanese targeted, piracy-prone, Hardcore, Spike TV-watching Subnormer who thinks Halo is the best game ever made and only plays video games so he can shit talk 13 year olds online and frag his brah Skeeter."


I agree with you completely here; what you wrote was awesome. The bolded part describes what has happened to an exact tee.


I know, that was absolutely my favorite part. The scary thing. Is that my "HARDCORE" gamer friends pretty much fit this profile.

Squilliam: On Vgcharts its a commonly accepted practice to twist the bounds of plausibility in order to support your argument or agenda so I think its pretty cool that this gives me the precedent to say whatever I damn well please.