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So Wii looses THQ at least its not like Sony loosing Activision Blizzard. THQ blows anyways I haven't bought a game from them , well come to think of it. I've never bought a game from them, THQ just plain sucks. Really all THQ does are cartoon and film liscenses. They make a couple crappy cartoon games that kids eat up and some wrestling games that sell to a small amount of people who still think Wrestling is real!

In the end I'd much rather see THQ go bye bye then a bigger publisher like Activision. Screw THQ gimme some COD and I'm good. Poor Sony hope Activision Blizzard follows through with their threat! Plus THQ would be foolish to withdraw from Wii, its the only way their gonna turn things around!

If THQ had been smart they would have gotten the High Voltage contract like Sega did and their hardcore game would actually sell. Give Hardcore gamers what hard core gamers want. Great FPS/Platformer titles with great online modes. Not to mention their are more then enough over hyped games just waiting to get picked up by a publisher. How about picking up Nibris and publishing their over hyped titles?

Think with your head THQ, low dev costs plus huge user base = profit. You just have to target the right gamers and lets be honest Dangerous Creatures was hardly an example of a hardcore game!


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