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fmc83 said:

As some people already stated, many people import UK-games due to the low pound. Being from Germany, out of my 24 wii-games I imported 11 from the UK and 1 from the Netherlands (uncensored RE4). So that must somehow give that 60 million population a boost software wise.

As stated before as well, most of my friends play games on their pc, but probably just 1/3 own a console.

Just to make it clear for the Americans again: Give me a six-hour-drive by car and I'll be able to go to one or more then over ten different countries. This doesn't apply to UK-citizens so their market is somehow more closed as well. No people buying games from somewhere else, but many from somewhere else buying from the UK.

This is an interesting statement.  I know many people in Germany speak English as a second language, but I'm surprised to hear that those who speak German as a primary language would purchase the English version of a console game instead of the German version to save money.  Or were those titles not available in German?