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LordMatrix said:
Saki said:

Yes, yes thats already a known brand, when people think microsoft and games they think xbox (well not really maybe PC, xbox brand is strong,etc.

I already know thats what some people are gonna say. I dont think its really true.

When I first heard about the orginal X-box I couldnt believe MS chose such a stupid and generic name. I mean "X" Xtreme and gaming and all that bullshit. X-box sounds so stupid. Xbox 360 sounds even worse. There is also no way in hell the next one is gonna have 720 in the title.

Its obvious I dont like the name but Im sure others do. Im not trolling I just think its bad name and if they change it they could change the image of Xbox and hell even tap into a Japanese market.If something sells bad you can always rebrand it and just make it more appealing.

Shit....Im going off-topic.

Anyways I think MS should really think of a new name for their next console because X-Box is terrible brand name (not console) and already has a bad image in Japan. Something more appealing and simple that sounds good. (No not like Wii Im not the biggest fan of the "Wii" name either)

By your logic Sony should also change the Playstation brand name. Playstation is just as stupid but just as Playstation is well accepted nowadays so is the Xbox brand name. Xbox 360 may be a lame name as well but we came to accept it just like people came to accept the Nintendo Wii name which is the worst game console name EVER! BTW the 360 in X360 has a meaning. They added it to represent the 360 degrees of change in Xbox from one generation to the next. Better networking, wireless controllers, larger community/social implementation, huge makeover in the graphics/physics department, rewards system (Achievements), their goal to have community games and videos on LIVE and add in their goals for the revamped Marketplace. Now we have Netflix and soon will have Games on Demand, Last.fm, Facebook etc. and Project Natal down the line and don't forget about Primetime Games like 1 vs 100. It is easy to see why they wanted to name it Xbox 360 instead of say Xbox 2.

You do, I hope, realize that a 360 degree change puts you right bac where you started?