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Munkeh111 said:
Squilliam said:

I don't care about trophies, I don't care about online multiplayer as I don't know anyone in my country with a PS3, I don't care about costumes and any improvements in the campaign and length just means I rent it for 3 days rather than overnight. I rent pretty much all of my games, its the rare game that I actually purchase. Don't take it personally, but thats the only criteria by which I would have purchased the game. No split screen = no continual playtime = no purchase.

@MAFKKA: "So Fallout 3, Call of Duty series, inFamous, MGS4, Assassins Creed, Uncharted.. etc is not worth buying?"

I rented every single one of those games. I didn't feel the need to play them again so no purchase. Though, I probably will get Infamous 2nd hand when its down to a little less than half price either new or used.

So basically, your criteria on buying a game is; does it have local co-op? Not the quality of the game

No, its this:

Will I play it again?

If no = no purchase.

If yes: will I play it more than once more?

if no: rent again if needed

if yes: do I value the experience highly?

if no: buy when low price

if yes: buy now.

The quality if the game doesn't matter, if I can play it once or twice and thats it I will consider renting it. Because $10 is cheaper than $120. Even if I value the game highly, it still doesn't mean that renting isn't my best bet.