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Looks like this "comeback" tour was definitely not meant to be, even if he was still alive...

  • Genetic condition had ruined his lungs and left him unable to sing
  • He became so skeletal, doctors believed he was anorexic
  • He had nightmares about being murdered – and wanted to die
  • He used swine flu as an excuse to avoid coming to England
  • He thought he was agreeing to 10 concerts – it was 50


Exit question... think Michael would have made a good Rorschach in the next Watchmen movie?

R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958-2009... killed by the entertainment industry and greed.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.