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One question, who do you blame for the wii lack of graphical power?

While on a daily basis we hear about Sony being blamed for 360 third party games looking better since they make it hard to develop for, just this week someone make thread on how Nintendo consoles are more reliable than xbox360 and Ps3, but the Minute someone brings up the Wii's weakness, a meltdown takes place.

Nitendo decided not to make a powerful console which will never looked as good as the competition, they shift their focus on motion control which payed off greatly, but when developers try to bring FPS to it, which the competition  has tons of amazing versions to begin with, it will be imposible to live up to the hype. And, i blame Nintendo for it. And yes, people will bring up the control, and one of the important aspect of a game too, but it's not all there is to a game since all games if worked on properly can have great control too.

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