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psrock said:
I'm sorry but this is getting on my nerves. It's one fucking review, and most of the people complaining are the same people who told ps3 fans to calm down after the Infamous Eurogamer review.

Where were you after Lair, Haze, Rachet, Uncharted, Killzone got bias reviews? It happens to all consoles, and we are wrong for overreacting to someones opinion.

Yeah the wii get blasted for its lacked of power, duh, just like the PS3 get blasted for being expensive and hard to develop for.

he's right on mentioning that they don't bash the PS3 games for those reasons though, I can't remember the last time I read a PS3 review bitching about the PS3 being too expensive or hard to dev for so the games are fucking shit and Sony is worthless because of it, if you have sources from big reviewing people though, I'd love to see them as a reference.