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NightDragon83 said:
Well, this generation is the first generation where my primary console has been a non-Nintendo console, and that honor goes to the 360. I got a PS2 a few years after it came out, but primarily purchased and played games on the GC... I'd say it was about 60/40 split between the two going by my game library.

Never really gave up on Nintendo, though there's been several times over the past decade where I had felt they had given up on their fans.

Yah, I feel Nintendo is to redundant not making many new IP's. Always will love a few Nintendo properties, but they rely on the proven. What makes them money. To me inovation rulz, capatilism should not be the ultimate motivater. Try some thing new. Still Sony and Microsoft are not immune to this by far. 360 rulz 2 was converted to microsoft by coop campaign in halo: combat evolved. Never will enjoy a non coop shooter as much again. to bad, oh well.