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Seriously, promote the game better. Put demos in people's hands, create street teams handing otu demos at public events, and stop crying.

You're assuming people just don't know about them. I think the hardest thing to do is make a typical Wii owner care about their games.

except that tons of games sell on the wii very well? Of course people do not know about them, there is no promotion. How are they supposed to know. And the bias and bullshit in your small post is astounding. Typical wii owner? Wait, this attitude....


are you a dev?

Hear him out. He's talking about Japan, not America or Europe.


And Marvelous games simply do not sell well on the Wii.

yet the company itself said it promoted them bad ans that prolly has to do with the bad sales. So really, how do we know how the games would sell if they got promoted at all? Lets look at your fav game VC. It sold bad in the US and Europe when it first came out. It also did not sell well in japan. But, now that the anime has come out, along with more promotion it has made much better sales.


If marvelous wants to sell games then there needs to be some form of promotion. It does not have to be budget breaking, but games no one knows about will not sell.


you say they do not sell on wii. Where will they sell?

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