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ClaudeLv250 said:
I was wondering about alts. Does making an alt after the initial ban make the original ban that much worst? Elevated to permanent?

Who cares, just make another alt.

I mean umm, nevermind.

Also, don't get into conversations like this.

-Mario Hoops 3 on 3-


MontanaHatchet says:
Flashy, but gets boring after 3 days. Gameplay over graphics my ass.
Posted on: 09/16/07, 21:45
megaxl says:
yes montana, all the games of the ps3 are AAA games because his graphics, and bestsellers too, all the fanboys are $#%&/& like you? you play the game loser?
Posted on: 09/21/07, 19:33
megaxl says:
sorry if i talk like a crazy, i like sony but i hate his fanboys
Posted on: 09/26/07, 17:36
MontanaHatchet says:
...What the hell was that?


That was pretty pathetic, I have to say.
Posted on: 10/12/07, 06:56