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Lately a lot of fanboys have been getting their panties in a bunch when one of their own is banned. A clear guideline on bannable offences should be stated in the forum rules that all members (regardless of status or time with the community) should be held to the same standards.

So far I can think of a couple things that should be stated in the rules as guaranteed bans (either short 24 hrs, week long or permanent)

- Derogatory discussions, racial comments and discriminating remarks of any kind

- Personal attacks, threats, and just plain impolite posts. 

Continuous trolling should be a bannable offence but this will be tricky because apparently all fanboys have their own definition of trolling.. Deciding on a forum trolling "definition" would probably be the first step on cracking down on trolls.

Proud Member of GAIBoWS (Gamers Against Irrational Bans of Weezy & Squilliam)