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Lol at Sony fans actually believing this is anything near in game graphics.

It's CGI. And racing games won't look that beautiful even in next gen. But hopefully the generation after.

EDIT: the bottom screen's graphics is possible in next gen racing games in-game, but the light blue rally car is almost a decade away in the future.

it was shown that in the top image that there is clipping  in the wheel  and it goes inside the terrain instead of deforming, something that does not happen in CGI

Are you kidding? That doesn't prove nothing. Anything can be done with CGI. But actually it don't matter what you call it, CGI or pre-rendered or whatever. The blue car part of the GT5 E3 trailer is not in-game, nor is it photo or replay mode.

The bottom pic could be a heavily touched up photo mode screen though.

How do you know?

Because it's so extremely obvious. The blue rally car is more than a whole generational leap ahead of any in-game or photo/replay mode in GT5p or Forza 3.

The blue rally car part of the E3 trailer is very impressive even for CGI. It's 99% of being photorealistic, not just on a still picture but also in motion. As I said, not even in next gen it's possible.