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Ok, I can see everyone is obsessed with Leisure Suit Larry, and it did in fact stink so in the spirit of fair play, we will remove it from consideration.

It scored 15 points lower on the PS3 than the lowest Wii Game (Ready to Rumble). 15 points divided by 30 games = .5 points so that raises the PS3 to 70.2

Larry scored 11 points lower on the Xbox 360 which divided by 35 games is .3 points so that will raise the Xbox 360 to 68.6

This is of course meaningless because this is not about pretending that Metacritic scores are some kind of exact measure. And do I really need to go back a year to prove that this is improvment. Dismal Metacritic scores in the past are very familiar to all Wii owners because we have been beat over the head and had our faces rubbed in them often enough to know they sucked.

Nor is this an attack on the HD consoles which have enjoyed a fine quality of games. I’m too old to be any kind of “boy”, fan or otherwise. I have no doubt that the HD scores will soon go up, beat the Wii scores and restore the balance of the universe. Geez, don’t be so defensive.

@ MontanaHatchet.

My apologies, I do not know you. I meant compared to your postings which have generally been very insightful, balanced and of good quality.

PS: I am a three eyed goblin so I hope that wasn’t  personal.